Get ready for the world’s largest Earth Day celebration!

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Hey everyone,

For many of us who are part of the “green movement,” some days, the challenges we face can feel daunting. Let’s face it, it can be tough to be part of the “green movement”. While I’ve been writing about electric vehicles and alternative energy for the past seven years, I’m still amazed to hear those who don’t believe in it.
It can be difficult to foster sustainably in a culture where the dominant paradigm and systems are anything BUT sustainable. And it can feel discouraging when you look at everything that needs to change to create a truly regenerative and sustainable world.

But there is hope and inspiration, if you know where to look …

That’s why I want to invite you to The Shift Network’s two very special Spring of Sustainability no-cost events – the world’s largest online Earth Day Celebration on April 22 and the Sustainability Action ProgramApril 28 – June 20, 2014.
During this LIVE online series, 75+ of the world’s top experts in sustainability – including Frances Moore Lappé, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Randy HayesBill McKibben and Craig Hamilton – who will help you discover joyful, optimistic pathways to co-creating a sustainable new world.
You can sign up for free here.
We’ll kick things off with the special Earth Day Celebration, where we will join together with sisters and brothers around the world and experience the beauty and interconnectedness of all life, and revel in all that is exciting, innovative, and new in this new world of sustainability. We’ll have indigenous elders and green activists, human potential pioneers and entrepreneurs, inspired speakers and artists.
After you’ve planted the seeds of your intentions in the Earth Day Celebration, the rich sessions in the 9-week Sustainability Action Program will provide “the fertilizer” you’ll need to help our shared work bloom beautifully – and be pollinated out in our world.
This 9-week series will provide you with a deep dive into the proven practices ,skills and actions that will help take your family, cause, organization, community – and our planet – to the next level of sustainability.

Whatever your level of involvement in the green movement, The Spring of Sustainability can help you go to the next level – to help you discover the innovative solutions we need for this beautiful, ever-evolving planet.

With the inspiration and guidance you’ll receive from the top sustainability experts, there’s no way you can’t come away from The Spring of Sustainability deeply inspired, transformed – and ready to put what you’ve learned into action.
Please join to take sustainability to the next echelon – and help co-create a thriving planet that leaves a legacy of good for decades to come.
P.S. Here are just a few quotes from past participants in The Spring of Sustainability:
It’s inspiring to see such a practical, engaging, and compelling approach to this vital and complex issue. I believe this series will be a powerful contribution to the shift that is needed on the planet at this time.
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate this forum, and all the work being done here. It’s been truly amazing, inspiring, uplifting, and just wonderful. And for us listeners and participants, it’s been all for FREE! So kudos to the Shift Team, and please keep it coming.
Thank you so much for the innovative and extremely interesting series!
Thank you for presenting this wonderful feast of speakers and ideas! I have thoroughly enjoyed The Spring of Sustainability.

Reserve your spot here.

Smiling yoga, how to rise up and wise up

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Hey Everyone,

If you want to change the world, you know you have to have fun doing it. Laughter is contagious, but it also reminds us not to take thing too seriously. It also helps us achieve anything in an easier way.
Having said this, and given current  headlines, it’s easy to feel like your global influence is about as small as can be. Still, nothing could be farther from the truth, because more than ever, the time has come for all of us to rise up… and wise up and be the agent of change you know you are here to be.
There is a planetary “up-wising” about to begin… and it can be a lot more enjoyable and effective than any uprisings of the past, so you just gotta be there!

Join Cosmic Comic Steve Bhaerman & Swami Beyondananda on Tuesday, April 1, 2014(April Fools Day!) for a free virtual event called: “Join the Upwising and Enlighten Up: A Virtual Rally for Evolutionaries to Make Changing Our World More Fun!”

Learn more and save your FREE seat here.

This purpose of our “upwising” rally is to take humor more seriously – and seriousness more humorously – because when we can do that, we can really make a shift in every aspect of our lives. It’s all about waking up and wising up to our evolutionary potential, then wising to the occasion by living that new reality now!

During the 60-minute event, you’ll learn how to:

·      Transform stressful situations by “finding the joke hidden in this picture.”
·      Practice the art of joke-jitsu to turn the tables on your own ego.
·      Use the magic of heart-opening humor to blow past rigid thinking.
·      How and when to commit random acts of comedy that enlighten up the space.
And as you humor-ize your life, you free yourself and our world!

The up-wising begins on April Fools Day!

It’s time to make changing our world a whole lot more humorous, so join our rally with no opposition to anything – except what is dragging us all down.

Sign up here.


Celebrating seven and half years of Tap The Source coaching!

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Turning Failures into Success

Peace on the Ganges

I just had a realization. I’ve been coaching for over seven and a half years and it keeps on getting better.

Seven years ago, I felt I needed to do something more, something different. I didn’t feel fulfilled, nor satisfied with what I was doing. Virginia insisted I sit down in front of a Coach. The light went on. This lady was doing what I liked to do. She was helping me find my personal answers.

Find YOUR way, not others’.

Failure turned to success

Failure leads to the greatest success

You see, I didn’t want to hear about others’ success stories. Nor did I want to hear what anyone thought I should do. Much like anybody, I wanted to find the quick and easy answers to all my problems, but I wanted to come fro me.

Counselling was out of the question, as was mentoring, or other forms of psycho-analysis. As much as I admire these professions, I wanted to find what was best for me, from me. Coaching allowed just that.

I know it sounds egotistical, but if you don’t find your personal solution, you’re only half-hazarding your way through life. If you keep on listening to others for which direction to take, you’re living their lives, not yours. Until you dig deep down inside, you’ll never know your very own answers to your very own life. It’s pretty simple in the end. That’s why I called my practice Tap The Source.

Awakening your divine breath!

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Hey everyone,

Breath and spirit are intricately–and inextricably–connected. Our emotional history is connected to our breath. Our consciousness expands with each breath, and our bodies are recharged by it.  Well, you get the gist!

In short, breath is a gateway to our full, divine life and consciously working with the breath can dissolve old traumas, bring us into a state of love, and open the gateway of our creativity. And now you have the opportunity to learn how to harness the power of your breath as bestselling author, transformational leader and one of the masters of conscious breathwork, Gay Hendricks is hosted by The Shift Network on a FREE call, Wednesday, March 12th at 5:30 pm Pacific: 3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath.
RSVP here now.

During this free training, Gay will reveal the 3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath, and how when you do this, you can reduce stress in your life, increase your energy and become fully present through the power of your breath. 

Gay’s proven methods will give you an opportunity to:
  • Heal old wounds to open you up to genuine bliss
  • Transform your relationship to your body so you feel alive and open
  • Deepen your spirituality and devotion
  • Live with a completely new, joyful awareness
Gay has spent the past 40 years unlocking the secrets of the breath. (You may have know of him through his bestselling books he’s written with his wife Kathlyn–including the landmark Conscious Loving.) 

He’s helped thousands of people put their breath to work to heal broken marriages, clear limiting beliefs, create great abundance, reinvigorate depleted bodies, and breathe in new dreams. 

And now, he’s making these practices available to you on a free teleseminar! 

Reserve your spot here now.

I don’t know of any other practice as essential to the New Era we’re in than the ability to access the power and healing of your own breath.
See you there, Nicolas
PS: If you’re like most people, the stress of modern-day living is the single biggest obstacle to truly living a life aligned with your deepest truth. And now you have an opportunity to fully claim your birthright and access divine consciousness–all through your breath.  Join Gay Hendricks on Wednesday, March 12th and discover how you can transform the contraction of stress and fear into an expanded state of relaxation and heart-centered presence! Every registered participant WILL receive the replay recording!

Rediscover your Christic Path

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Hey everyone,

I find it uncanny as I rediscover our Western spirituality to hear about the Shift Network’s Rediscover The Christ Path.
There plenty of deep and hidden messages in the Christian path. The Hermetic traditions talk about milk for babes and meat for man holds a lot of truth.

What if you could see the teachings of Christos with fresh eyes as a way-shower and spiritual ally? I choose to see the Christos story as the man triumphant over lowly planes of existence connecting to our innate divinity.

This is the best time to honor the transcendent truth in every faith tradition and find the place of global unity, knowing that the heart of all paths point us toward our conscious evolution as humans.

I’m excited to share with you a free online event with renowned mystic and spiritual scholar, Andrew Harvey, on Saturday, March 8th, called: Rediscovering the Christ Path: How to Embody Sacred Love in Action.

During this powerful, illuminating teleseminar, Andrew will pull back the veil on the radical truths from the heart of the Christian tradition.
He’ll illumine the path forward for each of us to more fully embody the Christ spirit, marry sacred masculine and feminine, and nourish the divine child in each of us.

As a celebrated scholar of world mystic traditions, Andrew will reveal the deeper, esoteric understandings previously hidden within the Christ lineage that will help you to:

  • Open your heart and navigate our collective crises.
  • Forge a life that is profound, impactful, and divine.
  • Walk the path of sacred action and profound relationship.
  • Reclaim the sacred feminine that is at the heart of the lineage.
Andrew is passionate in calling us into a relationship with the Divine that is built on sacred service and ministering to the suffering of the world. 

Be prepared for brilliance, provocative insights, and passionate words that speak straight into your soul!


Reserve your spot for free here.
Hope to see you there, Nicolas

3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence

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Hey Everyone again!
This week the top leaders of the pioneering HeartMath organization are giving a FREE teleclass on “The Keys to Your Heart’s Intelligence,” and I’m writing to let you know about it!

HeartMath is the world’s most influential scientific organization focused on activating the powers of the heart for greater joy and less stressful living.

And this Thursday, February 27th, HeartMath leaders will share the keys to bringing your heart into coherence with your brain to experience a new baseline of vibrant health, deeper relationships, more satisfying work, ease throughout your day and many more benefits.

Get details and sign up for free here.

On the call, you’ll learn:
  • A quick practice to ease any stress, confusion or emotional turbulence–and bring you back into your heart
  • How you can cultivate your own powerful inner energy reserve to make your life easierand enjoy the experience of being in the flow on a daily basis
  • The key principles to access your heart’s deep wisdom to guide you in every area of your life
  • Fascinating research on how connected you really are to the hearts of others (your emotions even affect the earth itself!)
Should be amazing. I hope you can join me here.

Thanks and see you there, Nicolas

Are you plugged into your body’s higher intelligence?

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Hi Everyone,

Boy is the Shift Network hot with events, free webinars and more or what?

If you’re like me, and I suspect many are, you might feel disconnected, low energy, or distant from yourself, your relationships and life in general once in a while. As long as it is once in a while, it is normal, but what happens when it becomes a recurring theme?
The source may well be in a disconnection from your body and you’re not the only one.Virtually everyone who has been raised in Western culture inherits a profound disconnect between mind and body and this disconnect leads us to relate to our bodies as unconscious, inconvenient machines, rather than the vibrant vessels of amazing intelligence and source for emerging energies that they are.

Fortunately, there’s a better way and world renouned “Body Intelligence” teachers Katie Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT and Lamara Heartwell are being hosted by The Shift Network for a free call on Wednesday, February 26th at 5:30 pm Pacific called: Plugging into Body Intelligence ~ How to Access More Vitality and Embodied Joy. If you would like to discover the secret to feeling more alive, connected and creative, please reserve your seat now for this free event here.Katie and Lamara will teach you how to apply key insights as a set of easy daily practices that give you access to more freedom and flow, joy and creative intelligence. On the call you will learn to:

  • Discover YOUR true body intelligence: for example, how to easily recognize your inner signals for yes and no
  • Navigate the flow of your days with vitality and balance
  • Shift easily from stress and fear to creativity and collaboration
  • Create more fun with work and more pleasure in general
  • Expand your capacity for giving and receiving more love
  • Heal our collective 2000+ year old myth that the body is bad and must be controlled
And the best part is that it is all free! Register here and invite your friends…

How cool is this?

Hope to “see” you there! Nicolas

5 essential elements for creating from higher guidance

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Hey Everyone,

Long time no read, but I’m still around and kicking! I was wondering who feels like a change agent, helping to shift our world in a more positive direction? Maybe you have even devoted your life to making a difference, which means your truest fulfillment comes from living your purpose fully!

Still one thing escapes me, how do you clarify your true purpose – and then staying on that path, moment to moment? That can be very challenging.

The Shift Network is having another event that aims to open connection to your inner guidance. Wouldn’t it be great to rekindle with your internal GPS to help you navigate daily decisions in a way that keep you in alignment with your mission? That inner guidance also helps you communicate to exactly the right people at the right time, with the right language.

When we do this well, we begin to discover we can earn an abundant livelihood fulfilling our purpose as a change agent.  And do so with more ease and grace! If having consistent access to guidance from a trusted higher source so you get and remain “on purpose” sounds like something that could benefit you, I have great news.
Tim Kelley, founder of True Purpose, is going to be sharing his methods for accessing higher guidance and then actually creating your life from that guidance on a free call Wednesday, February 12th called: The 5 Essential Elements for Creating from Higher Guidance ~ How to Become an Aligned and Effective Change Agent!
Register for this call here and as always for free.

Tim is known around the world as the go-to-teacher for learning how to consistently access your Higher Guidance, a skill that is remarkably practical (and free once you develop the “muscle”). A former student of math, military officer, and software engineer, Tim has worked with political leaders, billionaires, and hundreds of business leaders from such companies as Nabisco, ING, Oracle, Lexmark and AOL.

And he’s a master teacher of this work; his recent inaugural course with The Shift Network was one of the most popular and acclaimed they’ve offered!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to connect to Tim and his proven methods for creating your most powerful impact, sourced from your higher guidance – all for free right here.


Discover the 7 steps to Spiritual Mastery of Money

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Follow me on a journey to discover the 7 steps to spiritual mastery of money.

Unfortunately, religious upbringing – or lack there of –  have been immersed in the view that money is the antithesis of spirituality. The Judeo-Christian tradition even calls money, “the root of all evil.” Is it any wonder that you often feel that your spiritual values and your relationship with money are at odds? And this internal split in your consciousness between money and spirit can and does frequently mean struggle around finances even and especially as you commit to your soul’s work.

The truth is that it’s time for a mature and masterful relationship with money that is based not on greed or denial, but on the healthy flow of abundance and the right alignment of your finances with your values. If you are ready for a spiritually grown-up relationship with money, I have great news! Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, powerhouse teachers of prosperity consciousness, will be teaching a free online teleseminar on Wednesday, October 30th at 5:30 pm Pacfic called: 7 Steps to Spiritual Mastery of Money.

Register here for free. Corinne and Gordon are master teachers, minus the New Age “fluff,” who’ve been in the trenches of Washington, DC power structures, worked with conscious financiers and helped found the socially responsible investment movement. During this free, online event Gordon and Corinne will show you how to:

  • Transform subconscious issues around money Attract a greater flow of abundance Align your livelihood with your soul Use your money as a force for good in the world And more… I strongly encourage you to join them for an illuminating hour to gain a new empowered relationship with money, and align your finances with creating a better world.

So join me for the Seven Steps to Money Mastery here for free.

This incredible dance we do around careers

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It’s funny to think some know at the age of four what they want to do in life, while others sometimes never find out.  The latter’s struggle is an enduring sense of confusion and frustration.

Have you ever met those who know at the tender age of four, five or six what they want to do?  I’ll admit, I’m envious.  It’s as if these people instinctively understood they were here for a specific amount of time and will no waste no time.  And then, there are those like me.  Going through life, one career after the other with as little resistance as can be.  The only problem we have is how long the passion will last, until we seek another path.

Ford Focus Electric

A test drive of the 2009 Ford Focus Electric mule at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

No, I’m not changing path again, although last night’s viewing of Samsara on Netflix was food for thought.  I feel more at home with mystics than I do in the business world.  Everything in mysticism feels natural to me, and as one person put it last night, there are no fundamental differences between mystics globally but there are plenty between religious people.

Even though I’ve worked alone pretty much my entire business life, I find myself wanting a little more human contact and security.  I’m hoping something with Mitsubishi Solar will open up.  It’s an ideal spot since it creates no conflict of interest with my electric car writing and actually does something good for the environment, namely push solar panels forward.

Sometimes, I guess it’s better to just go on and push through.  I’ve been writing for seven years about electric cars and I’m starting to get noticed.  This time however, I need to find a job in this alternative energy field, so that I can continue doing what I like and believe in.

Oh, my, what an incredible dance this incredible career path hunt is.